Cheers for Birthday Beers

A foggy opening day on September 23, 2015

We don’t like missing a reason to celebrate! Which is why we are thrilled to share that our sister venture, The Cornucopia Café, celebrated their first year in business with a birthday party on Tuesday, September 27th.

Assistant Manager Lindsey, Mike & Jan, General Brad Hock, Emily, and Café Manager Whitney

It was also the release of Little Crossings Tavern Ale, a beer made exclusively for Cornucopia by Whitehorse Brewing of Berlin, PA. Mike knows a thing or two about making beer himself, as he used to brew the popular Bodhi Beer wheat beer here at the Lodge. But we left it up to the experts this time.

The owners of Whitehorse Brewing enjoying some of the first pints we poured


The Story of The Cornucopia Café’s Little Crossings Tavern Ale
As a volunteer aide-de-camp for General Braddock during the French & Indian War, 23-year old George Washington crossed the Casselman River (then the Little Youghiogheny) in the summer of 1755 on their expedition to Fort Duquesne. It was he who dubbed the area “Little Crossings.”

The Braddock Road was cut during that foray, which slowly opened western lands for exploration and settlement. President Jefferson granted the funding of the National Road in 1806 and by 1813, when the Casselman River Bridge was completed, inns and taverns had sprung up every mile or so from end to end of the National Road.

Washington, Braddock, and Jefferson each had a hand in putting Grantsville on the map, along with Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Harrison, James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson, and Zachary Taylor all of whom travelled through here at various stages of their political careers. They may or may not have stayed the night at Little Crossings Inn, but they could have stretched their legs or had a meal while their stagecoach drivers switched shifts. Built in 1818, the Little Crossings Inn log tavern is still standing, now fully enclosed by multiple additions and renovations – you know it as Penn Alps.

During the Revolution, Washington insisted on a daily ration of beer for his soldiers (it was so decreed by act of Continental Congress in 1775). We don’t know if General Braddock had a similar policy, but it’s romantic to think that George Washington may have sat around a campfire and savored an ale on this very spot. Or perhaps Senator Lincoln sipped from a tankard in front of the Inn’s grand stone fireplace.

In order to properly toast that history, we partnered with Whitehorse Brewing Company of Berlin, PA to craft a quaff that Washington himself would have happily enjoyed. The result is Little Crossings Tavern Ale, an all-day, all-occasions beer: it’s light enough that it pairs well with just about any food, yet flavorful enough to enjoy on its own. Weighing in at a reasonable 4.5% ABV you can keep marching after a pint or two.

Miles Walker, head brewer at Whitehorse, created a recipe that is utterly drinkable and showcases local ingredients. He begins with two row barley grain and a small amount of caramel malts. Locally malted buckwheat is added, which gives its distinctive flavor to the middle of the beer, followed by some sweetness from locally harvested honey. The sweetness is balanced by glacier and east Kent goldings hops, as well as locally gathered wet hops that give it a delicate aroma.

We hope it cures what ales you. Cheers!

George Walker explaining the process of how they made the beer
The brewery and tasting room
Mike with the first taste of Little Crossings Tavern Ale at Whitehorse Brewing

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