Beat the Dog Days at SRL with Canine Massage

Running through an open field with the breeze in your hair…
Watching the birds flit among the branches…
Lounging in front of a warm fireplace…
Meandering along trails, stopping to smell the flowers…

We aim to cultivate a space designed to relax and revive all of our guests – including our four-legged friends. Our newest offering in a growing portfolio of canine-centered services is canine massage therapy.

You love a massage, don’t you? Your dog probably feels the same way.

Canine massage is a growing segment of specialized animal services. Sports massage therapy is beneficial for all types of dogs from household companions to those active in obedience, agility, search and rescue, police K-9 units, and guide dogs. Pets can receive immediate relief evidenced by noticeable relaxation followed by increased exhilaration. Potential benefits include:

  • Relieved soreness as the result of injury, structural imbalance, overstretching or overuse
  • Massage helps the older, less active dog live a more comfortable life
  • Regular sessions can prevent musculoskeletal issues
  • Improved function to damaged or compromised areas
  • Enhanced muscle tone and lengthened connective tissue
  • Reduced joint inflammation
  • Increased nutrient flow to muscles with stimulated circulation
  • Generally improved disposition from endorphin release

Savage River Lodge has partnered with certified therapist Debbie Daniels, of Your Happy Tails in Grantsville, MD to offer the service. During each massage she works through a sequence of 26 muscle groups on each side of the dog’s body with attention given to any trouble spots. The session lasts approximately 45 minutes and concludes with a complimentary homemade treat.

Lodge dogs Kokopelli and Karma had the profound responsibility of auditioning Ms. Daniels techniques to make sure she was the right fit for our discerning canine clientele. Koko and Karma were complimentary of the experience. “They were both so relaxed and calm. I could tell they really enjoyed it,” said owner Jan Russell.

The Lodge offers all of its canine guests a welcome bundle of dog bowls, blankets, and towels, and a garlic-cheddar Bodhi biscuit delivered daily. You can find more information on our pet pampering packages on this blog and on our website. Call 301-689-3200 today to reserve your log cabin getaway with your best friend!


Update: As of April 2017 we will unfortunately no longer be offering canine massage services.


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