Solar Panels at the Savage River Lodge in Western Maryland

Solar-Powered Car Chargers Elevate Ecotourism at SRL!

The Savage River Lodge was founded as a place to retreat from hectic lives, built from eco-friendly materials and operated sustainably. We secured our footing as an ecotourism destination in 2011 with the installation of 325 solar panels, and this summer we are kicking it up another notch, installing two solar-powered electric car charging stations!

These charging stations will be the cherry on top of a “green” getaway for the environmentally conscious traveler. Imagine arriving at your sustainably built, private cabin or yurt and enjoying locally-sourced food paired with a bottle of organic wine in our restaurant (now conveniently marked as such on our wine list!). Starting in June, even travel to and from our corner of Western Maryland can be entirely green!

There are a handful of charging stations in our area, making zero-emission travel possible, and we are proud to be the first within an hour’s drive to offer a Tesla-specific charging station alongside a universal station for electric and hybrid vehicles. The stations are hooked up to our solar panels, so you know your vehicle is running on the cleanest and greenest energy possible. But on a rainy weekend, don’t fret – we’ve got backup.

Follow this link to find other Tesla charging stations in our region, and click here to find other universal chargers.

Savage River Lodge
The main Lodge at the Savage River Lodge in Western Maryland

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