Rocking chairs on the outdoor dining deck at the Savage River Lodge.

Is it Time for a Workation?

Here at the Savage River Lodge, we believe that a change in scenery can make all the difference in your life, both personally and professionally. We strongly believe that fresh air equals fresh ideas, and embrace the idea of taking a “workation”. Pair your work with a great meal in our restaurant, a glass of wine and break for a hike, and you’ve just had your best workday yet!

The road to your private cabin in the mountains.

An excellent employee incentive, managers offer group workations that promote team-building, increased productivity and job satisfaction. And for those looking for peace and quiet, it’s an exceptional opportunity to seek solace and maximum productivity in the quiet of the forest.

This is not to downplay the importance of taking an disconnect, unplug, out-of-office getaway, but to supplement your time in-between! A workation allows you to use the inspiration and clarity that you would find on a personal trip, in your professional life. Enjoy being pampered in your private cabin or yurt, enjoying fabulous food from our restaurant, even a massage!

lib loft

For a workation with maximum impact (and management approval), you need a few of the essentials. WiFi, phone service and a comfortable table and chair to spread out your laptop and paperwork are a must. With email, Skype and conference calls available, no matter what balance you strike, be sure to clue your colleagues in to ensure maximum productivity.

Workation in a cabin at the Savage River Lodge
Drop leaf table in the cabins with plenty of room to spread out your papers!

An escape to the mountains to reconnect with nature will leave you feeling relaxed, yet full of energy. Pair the scenery with a great meal at our restaurant and a glass of wine and it’s no wonder that workations are a growing trend that’s here to stay!

Your SRL Workation Timeline:

8 a.m.: Wake up after a great night’s sleep to a fresh baked muffin, orange juice delivered to your cabin, and a hot cup of coffee on your porch.

9:00: Head down to the main lodge to catch up on emails in the quiet comfort of our library loft.

Noon: Enjoy lunch in our restaurant (or outdoor dining deck when the weather is nice!) with a good book.

1 p.m.: Conference call from the phone in your cabin.

2:00: Hop on the green trail right off your porch to process the information from your conference call with a quick hike to get your blood pumping.

3:00: Arrive back at your cabin refreshed and concentrate on work until dinner.

6:30: Dinner in the Lodge restaurant. Step outside your box and order something new. After all, this trip is all about fresh perspective!

After business hours are over, plug away in your private cabin with nothing but the breeze in the trees overhead and the clicking of your keyboard until you’re ready to turn in for the evening. Drift off to sleep in a bed outfitted in luxury linens and get ready for another busy day.

The next day – do it all over again! Only this time combat writer’s block with Wine in the Woods, a mini wine tasting of our wines of the month, or schedule a message. The opportunities for inspiration and relaxation are truly endless!


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