Over the Moon for Babymoons!

Yurt 4

Anyone planning a wedding looks forward to the honeymoon. Taking time to relax and unwind from all the stresses and logistics of planning the big day, and spending quality time together to remember what it’s all about – the two of you!

Along that line of thinking, a new trend for expecting couples is taking a babymoon! A babymoon is getting away for a few days before the baby is born to enjoy the last time that it will be just the two of you. Relishing in the last few weeks of quiet nights, and coming and going as you please before your bundle of joy joins the picture and that goes out the window!

We started hosting couples at the Lodge during their babymoons and we went over the moon (pardon the pun) for the idea! We even created a package tailored for these guests to help them get the most out of their experience! The package includes a one-night stay in a luxury yurt (king sized bed and amazingly soft sheets, your best pregnant sleep yet!), and all types of goodies and indulgences to curb those late night cravings, even an SRL teddy bear for your little one once they arrive!

We also offer a few extras like a pre-natal massage, or maternity photo shoot in the beautiful Savage River State Forest with Moriah K. Photography to make your getaway even more memorable!

We can’t think of a better place to escape and reconnect than tucked away in your private yurt in the mountains! Western Maryland is known for its beauty and serenity, and our little corner in Garrett County cannot be beat! The best time to travel is typically in the second trimester, when the nausea has hopefully subsided, but you’re more comfortable than you will be towards the end. M   ost experts agree, the safest time to do any major travel is between 18-24 weeks.

Are you preparing to meet your little one, or know anyone that is? Pass this post along to your expectant friends and encourage them to get away before two becomes three!

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