Winter 2014 Recap

Well this winter in western Maryland was a doozie! After a slow start and relatively mild December, we got hit hard with snow in January, February and into March! We measured snow in feet rather than inches this year (15+ feet, 183 inches and counting!), and went through whole weeks with high temperatures dipping below zero!

snow K&K

But of course, we weathered it alright. We stayed warm inside by the fire when we needed to, and our adventurous guests flocked to the Lodge for these conditions and spent days upon days snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

xc skiing

Winter in western Maryland is really something else. The scenery is an absolute treat that we can only enjoy this time of year, and we are situated within a winter sports mecca that beckons guests from far and wide to visit us. That being said, we’re ready for the big thaw and are eager to get back on the water for fly fishing and biking on the GAP! Never a dull moment in Garrett County!

 sunsetsnow pretty


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