Worried about the drive? A Touch of Class can help!

If you’re staying, or live, elsewhere in the county, we understand that the trip here for dinner can be a long one, especially if you want to enjoy a bottle of wine.

We’ve partnered with A Touch of Class Limousine, originally out of Frederick, but  now with a location in McHenry, MD, to provide shuttle service.

The 14-passenger shuttle bus will pick up in the Deep Creek Lake area (just 30 miles) at your specified time and shuttle you here. The driver will then wait for you to finish your meal. We have told them to allot 2 1/2 hours for the meal, and drive you back to McHenry.

The cost per person will depend on how many people you get signed up to board the shuttle. If your party is 14 people, the average cost will be just under $20 per person for transportation both ways.

They not only have a 14 passenger van, but 6-passenger SUVs and 3-person sedans if you’re looking for a special night out. No matter what the vehicle, the cost remains the same for 4 1/2 hours, $270.

Whether you’re interested in birthday transportation, a night out for dinner with your supper club or to celebrate a special anniversary, it’s the perfect way to enjoy our 185+ wine selection and safely get to and from the Lake!

To contact them, you can email Info@atouchofclasslimousines.com or call 866-214-LIMO


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