Glamping comes to the East Coast

official SRL yurtSurrounded by only the sounds of the forest, with nothing on your agenda but a glass of wine and maybe a hike; that’s what glamorous camping, or “glamping” at the Lodge feels like – well, once our eight luxury yurts are finished this fall. Yes, you heard right, the Lodge is expanding, building eight yurts on our grounds and bringing “glamping”, the new trend sweeping the nation, to the East Coast!

While there are other yurts that dot the land east of the Mississippi, none of them are quite like the ones we’re building. Each of the eight yurts will have a private deck, sitting room, king-sized bed with luxury linens, a private bath with an extra-large shower, a beverage center and a breakfast nook for partaking in our famous, daily deliveries of muffins and orange juice.

So, what are they? A yurt is a nomadic structure traditionally used in the steppes of Mongolia, consisting of a round moveable tent with a bent-frame roof. While ours will be similarly styled, they will be permanent structures with a wood frame covered in lattice work surrounded by a canvas outer covering. And of course, the yurts all include gas-log fireplaces and radiant floor heat from Warmboard, making them a cozy retreat year round.

From concept to reality, our very own Mike Dreisbach has been leading the way, along with Pacific Yurts in Cottage Grove, Ore., to bring this vision to life. Since 1978, Pacific Yurt layoutYurts has been pioneering yurt design and construction and have it down to a science. Immediately after meeting with them, we knew we found our partners!

Pacific Yurts has been the leading producer of yurts since 1978 when they reinvented the traditional design. This past April, Mike took a trip to Cottage Grove to see exactly how they were manufactured. While there, he learned the ins and outs of construction, and saw that Pacific Yurts is truly committed to great quality. Each component of their yurts is hand-constructed.

On August 1, Mike got the best birthday gift he could ask for; a delivery of eight yurts!

Our team is set to have the yurts completed and ready for you by this November. Keep an eye out for updates here and on Facebook, as we’ll start taking reservations soon. Blending the tradition and nostalgia of tent camping, without having to be without the luxuries that our cabins are known for, we feel the yurts will be the best of both worlds, and provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience, come see for yourself soon!

Yurts as of Monday, August 8!


6 thoughts on “Glamping comes to the East Coast

  1. My husband and I would love to glamp with our two older sons, one is 20, the other 17. Will you have family gurts, adjoining, that sounds really like a hotel question. We have never camped or glamped as a family.

    1. Diane –

      We’d love to have your family! As each yurt only holds two people, your sons could be in one and right next door, you and your husband would be in another. There will be non that are adjoined or hold more than two people.

      Thanks and we hope to see you!

  2. Sounds neat. Do you have an updated map of the grounds that will show where the yurts are located? Also, how will the rates for a yurt compare to a cabin?

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