SRL Outfitters Fly Fishing School

We’re starting a new venture here at the Lodge! With the help of our recently hired fly fishing guide Travis Gilbert, we’re starting up a brand new fly fishing savage powerpoint35school!

The Intro to Fly Fishing course is from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and will include; the Anatomy of a Fly Rod, Essential Knots for on the Water, What Trout Eat & Flies to Match, Casting – What is a Fly Cast? and What you Need to Fish.

We’ve organized two classes per month this summer and there is limited space available, so be sure to reserve soon! The dates are as follows: Friday June 14, Friday June 21, Saturday July 20, Saturday 27, Tuesday August 6 and Tuesday August 21. Each class is $149.00 per person.

In addition to the intro class, which teaches the basics of fly fishing, we’ll also be having casting classes. The casting classes are two hours, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., and will teach those interested in learning fly fishing the proper techniques and tricks to casting a fly rod. The casting class is $50 per person.

savage powerpoint36Those classes will be Saturday June 15, Saturday June 22, Wednesday August 7 and Wednesday August 22 this summer.

To sign up for the classes, you can contact our guest services office at, or contact Travis the guide directly at

In addition to Travis, local fisherman Charlie Laffey will also be helping Travis do guided tours of the Casselman River, North Branch of the Potomac, Savage River and the Youghiogheny River.

We imagine these trips to be most popular two to three-day getaway. Sign up for one of the into classes and casting class the next day. During your stay you could also take a full or half day wading trip to use your newly

Travis and his 17" brown from the Savage River.
Travis and his 17″ brown from the Savage River.

acquired skills. Plus what better way to stay than at the Lodge?

We’re really excited about this exciting new activity and know that it’s going to be really popular with all of our guests!

Travis has worked for the last several years as a fly fishing guide in Colorado and has spent the last 20 casting lines. Travis also runs a great fishing blog, that you should all be sure to follow!

Check out Travis’ own blog and be sure to follow!


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