The Select Registry Advantage

Since their inception in the 1970s the Select Registry name has been synonymous with quality getaways. In 2010 we joined the almost 400 inns, B&B’s and small luxury hotels that dot North America.

Staying at a Select Registry property is a guarantee that your vacation will be a relaxing getaway, in a beautiful and clean environment with superior staff. Their quality control measures, such as anonymous inspections, by non-select registry personnel and an extensive application process, ensure that the properties are the best-of-the-best.

So why are we talking about this? We want all of our guests to know that SR properties – and not just us – but other entrepreneurial owned locations should be at the top of everyone’s list when planning your next vacation. Whether B&B’s or boutique hotels are your thing, you can be sure that your next stay will be first-rate.

He are some of Mike and Jan’s and our employee’s favorites:

1. Lakepointe Inn, McHenry, Md.

2. Sandaway Waterfront Lodging, Oxford, Md.

3. Inn at Riverbend, Perisburg, Va.

4. The  Marquesa Hotel, Key West, Fl.

5. Fort Lewis Lodge (stayed in before they were officially SR, but loved it nonetheless!) , Millboro Springs, Va.

If you’re interested in staying at a Select Registry property,  now is the time, as they are running a GREAT promotion called Vacation of a Lifetime. Each time you stay at a Select Registry property you can earn a loyalty point, or quill (to sign up for the Golden Quill program click here). Once you sign up, you’re entered into the contest and for each quill you earn by staying at a property, you get an additional entry. The grand prize winner gets a free stay at every single one of the  Select Registry properties for one year!

Let us know below in the comments what your favorite Select Registry property is!


2 thoughts on “The Select Registry Advantage

  1. If you all are ever in the mood for a seaside get away you should really try The Bellmoor Inn, anoth Select Registery Inn located in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. It is our favorite place to stay when at the beach and The Bellmoor is how we found out about the Savage River Lodge! In fact they were at your region meeting and had wonderful things to say about you.

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