The Engagement Issue – How to pop the question, perfectly at SRL!

Not only are we perfectly romantic for your next weekend getaway, but we’ve seen our fair share of engagements as well. February 14, the biggest proposal day of the year is quickly approaching and we have some ideas that will make your big day run as smoothly as possible!

The Restaurant Proposal: Every couple is different, we get couples who want to be right in the center of the dining room, so when the time comes, their proposal is on display for the rest of the world to see. While this is a nice option for some, we have found that the most meaningful and romantic proposals are more private. Restaurants are used to guests asking for specific tables, and if booked enough in advance, will be able to accommodate your request for the most private spot.

Many of the Restaurant engagements here take place in our library, where it is just the two of them or in our upstairs overlooking our large stone fireplace. While the venue is important, execution is also key in having the perfect proposal. Here are a few of our favorites over the years:

– Most recently, we had a couple come to celebrate the soon-to-be-bride’s birthday. We had the set-up in the library, private and romantic. When the time came for the custom birthday cake to be delivered, our baker wrote “Will you marry me?” on the top, instead of “Happy Birthday”. When the cake, all aglow, rounded the corner the lovely lady was so taken by the cake, she failed to notice her future fiancé pulling the ring out of his pocket. Our server held the cake high enough that she didn’t read the message until it was placed in front of her, with her fiance holding out the ring. It was simply perfect.

– Dropping the ring in a glass of champagne is also an old standby. As a precaution, we don’t typically agree to hold the ring or place them in or on food. Some restaurants however, will do this for you. Something we like that’s a little less messy than either A. drinking the champagne right down and pulling the ring out of the bottom or B. sticking your fingers in the champagne flute to retrieve the ring, is getting an champagne glass engraved with the words “Will you marry me?” or some variation. When the champagne toast is delivered, the one popping the question gets a plain flute, while the receiver gets the engraved glass. While they are busy reading the message, you will have time to pull the ring out of your pocket to present when they look up.

The Cabin Proposal: There are a myriad of options when having a relaxing getaway. The restaurant options are always available, but our 18 luxury cabins provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal.

– We do private dining, where we deliver your meal to the cabin with all of the appointments and a bottle of champagne (or your favorite wine). After you dine, when you’re relaxing in front of the fireplace,  it’s time for a little toast. “Here’s to happiness, relaxation and a long life together. Will you marry me?” The mood couldn’t be more romantic.

– One couple, avid hikers, took a long hike on our 14 mile trail system, where the gentleman proposed on a beautiful vista overlooking the Savage River State Forest. Upon returning to their cabin (we had been let in on the surprise), we delivered champagne, a dozen red roses and chocolate covered strawberries while they were gone and they got the chance to celebrate immediately.

– Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are also popular while here. After a long day on the trails, what is more romantic then snuggling by our big bonfire at dusk and popping the question?

– Perhaps you’d like to pull out all of the stops, well when staying with us, book our Celebration Package that includes massages, luxurious robes and a half bottle of one our most popular champagnes, Moet Chandon White Star.


One thought on “The Engagement Issue – How to pop the question, perfectly at SRL!

  1. My husband proposed to me near the maple tree grove after a day of hiking around Savage River State Forest and when we returned to the cabin there were chocolate covered stawberries and wine waiting for us! It was the most special moment of my life excluding the day I got to marry my wonderful husband! Thank you Savage River Lodge for helping to make it the most perfect engagement!

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